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How to Furnish a Beach Vacation Rental Home

Americans are still vacationing in 2020. And Orange Beach and Gulf Shores are still popular destinations because vacationers can space out to social distance.

But as always, there is competition to attract potential and return vacationers to your individual property. Thankfully, there are many things that an owner can do to stand out.

How to furnish a beach vacation rental.

Our Top 5 Tips

Here are Beach Getaways’ top five tips for creating an attractive space for guests:

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Beautiful Orange Beach Vacation Rental Renovations

Beach Getaways is always looking for ways to improve our owners’ rental experience. We are a small, hyper-local, luxury Management Company and one of our most popular “extras” is facilitating renovations.

Only at MyBeachGetaways!

Recently two Phoenix condo owners came to us asking for help. Their condos were ready to be refreshed. Frequent summer rentals make for lots of wear and tear. Plus, an updated look is a great way to attract guests.

Here’s a look at the before and after photos of Phoenix 6, #406.

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