How to Furnish a Beach Vacation Rental Home

Americans are still vacationing in 2020. And Orange Beach and Gulf Shores are still popular destinations because vacationers can space out to social distance.

But as always, there is competition to attract potential and return vacationers to your individual property. Thankfully, there are many things that an owner can do to stand out.

How to furnish a beach vacation rental.

Our Top 5 Tips

Here are Beach Getaways’ top five tips for creating an attractive space for guests:

  1. Neutral, coastal palette – Light colors on the walls, mild blue or sea foam tones, and simple, modern beach décor create an atmosphere that exudes relaxation. Vacation properties that decorate with this style tend to be very attractive to potential vacationers.
  2. Hard surface flooring – We recommend hard flooring, instead of carpet, for guest and owner benefit. Hard floors are easier to clean, more difficult to stain and hold up better in the long run. So, hard floors are more attractive for guests and more cost effective for owners.
  3. Plenty of high quality seating – Your vacation property should be accommodating to large and small parties. Plenty of comfortable, well-made seating at dining tables, patios and TV rooms makes for a comfortable experience.
  4. Extra amenities – These are the features that will make your vacation rental stand out in an online search. Pools, hot tubs, fire pits, grills, splash pads are great things to highlight if your building offers them. You can also give your guests access to bulky items that are tough to pack. These include coolers, beach chairs, umbrellas, toys, and high chairs.
  5. Professional photography – To truly showcase your condo, you need to display the best quality photographs on vacation rental websites. Even the most beautiful and spacious locations can get passed over with poor lighting and staging.

Decorating for profit at MyBeachGetaways Beautiful interior design for beach vacation rental properties.

Beach Getaways can help you maximize rental income on your vacation rental property on the Alabama Gulf Coast. And we’ll show you how to furnish a beach vacation rental for maximum profit. We offer property management, cleaning, professional photography, internet integration, design consulting and much more.

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