Our comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program

The Beach Getaways Preventive Maintenance Plan is designed to provide property owners with peace of mind by addressing potential maintenance issues proactively. This detailed Preventive Maintenance Plan aims to minimize unexpected property expenses, ensuring the longevity and comfort of your property. We take pride in our commitment to maintenance excellence and ensuring your property remains in top condition. Our comprehensive 40+ point plan covers a wide range of services, ensuring the ongoing upkeep of your property. Here is a detailed breakdown of the plan’s services:

General Maintenance

  • Respond to initial report of trouble
  • Check all walls and baseboards for appearance of scuffs and damage
  • Lubricating/adjusting/securing door mechanisms and tightening door hinges, tracks and pulls as needed
    • Check Kitchen & Bathroom cabinets for proper operating condition – Hinges, tracks and pulls
  • Replace doorstops and doorstops tips
  • Ensuring the presence of a vacuum with an empty canister
  • Re-installing Towel bar, toilet tissue holder, shower curtain rods as needed
  • Re-hooking drapes and adjusting controls or rods
  • Check all interior and exterior door locks for proper working condition
  • Simple re-hanging of pocket doors
  • Inspect balcony rails, tile and furniture 
  • Equip each property with fire extinguisher, if multiple stories one on each floor
    • Cost of extinguisher billable


  • Respond to initial report of trouble
  • Check all ceiling fans for proper operation
  • Re-setting breakers and GFI receptacles
  • Check all light switches, ceiling fans, lamps, replace standard bulbs as needed
    • Specialty bulbs not included
  • Replace batteries 9 volt, AA, AAA (thermostats, entry locks and ceiling fan remotes)
    • Replace Smoke Alarm Detector batteries on annual safety check
    • Replace ceiling fan remote specialty battery (cost of battery charged)
    • Specialty batteries not included
  • Dispatch Electrician vendor if needed


  • Respond to initial report of trouble
  • Television
  • Checking televisions for proper operating condition and setting all TV remotes to the correct inputs
  • Programming TV’s, VCR’s, and DVD’s


  • Respond to initial report of trouble
  • Change AC Filters Monthly
  • Checking ceilings for mildew & treating, including AC vents & return air grills (billable if outside vendor required).
    • Clean bathroom air supply registers or replace if needed
  • Ensure unit is being operated properly
    • Check temperature of conditioned air at selected air supply vents
    • Checking thermostat controls, resetting if needed, and troubleshooting common issues.
      • Visual check for Iced Coils
      • Compressor not running
      • Breakers tripped
    • Inspect for Mildew or Condensation dripping
      • Clogged drain line, blow out drain line
    • Clean return air grill and HVAC closet louvers
  • Dispatch HVAC vendor if needed


  • Respond to initial report of trouble
  • Unclogging sinks, tubs (using standard 20-inch hair snake), toilets (using plunger only)
  • Check toilet plumbing for leaks and wear
  • Check kitchen/bathroom faucet and under sink for leaks and wear
  • Cleaning and reinstalling aerators to faucets
  • Reset garbage disposal
    • Unclogging garbage disposal (using plunger only)
  • Replace toilet seats (cost of toilet seat billable)
  • Re-attaching and adjusting flapper valves and flush arms in toilets
    • Replacement materials parts for valves and flush arms 
  • Basic troubleshooting, including resetting when possible and ensuring proper operation of appliances, including water temperature.
  • Dispatch plumbing vendor if needed

Pest Control

  • Respond to initial report of trouble
  • Notify HOA, if applicable, of issue and treatment plan
  • Notify Pest Control Company to schedule treatment plan


  • Respond to initial report of trouble
  • Basic troubleshooting to include
    • Reset when possible
    • Ensure proper operation of appliances including water temperature
    • Defrost waterlines in refrigerator if needed
    • Replace water filter in Refrigerator or Ice Maker (cost of filter is billable)
    • Clean out dryer lent filter (inside dryer) 
    • Clean oven hood vent and replace
  • Dispatch Appliance vendor for repair if possible, cost beneficial to repair vs replace
  • Schedule and coordinate dryer duct cleaning with reputable vendor (cost of outside Vendor billable)

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