Our comprehensive 25 point Preventive Maintenance Program

Our company offers a comprehensive 25 point Preventive Maintenance Program that gives owners everything they need to take away the worry and uncertainty of unexpected unit expenses.

Repairs will be completed by insured technicians. Your savings can be significant over the spring and summer season, resulting in more money to your bottom line. Your peace of mind from us performing a routine walk through to detect issues is priceless.

  • Check all water drains and unstopping as needed
  • Check & Clean or Replace HVAC air filter including cost of filter (6 x year)
  • Check & inspect HVAC returns and registers
  • Check Hot Water heater temperature and adjust if necessary
  • Check fire extinguisher – present and up to date
  • Check major appliances and TVs for proper operating condition
  • Check kitchen and bathroom cabinetry for proper operating condition
  • Check balcony rails, tile and furniture
  • Check walls and baseboards for appearance
  • Check all furniture and sleeper sofa for proper operating condition
  • Adjust thermostat seasonally to 76 degrees in Summer and 68 degrees in Winter
  • Check Dehumidifier settings & adjust as needed – Clean filter and housing
  • Check & Clean Dryer duct ( 1 x year )
  • Check circuit breakers, plugs & light switches and repair as needed (parts extra)
  • Check Garbage Disposal for obstructions and repair as needed
  • Check Oven Hood vent filter & clean/replace as needed
  • Check Toilet & plumbing for and leaks or wear and repair as needed (parts extra)
  • Check all Light Bulbs and replace if out (LED bulbs included, others extra)
  • Check & clean Smoke Detectors and Replace batteries as needed
  • Replace batteries in TV Remote Controls as needed
  • Vacuum and dust out HVAC and Water Heater area/closet (1x year )
  • Move in / Move out Patio furniture during high winds
  • Lubricating / adjusting door mechanisms and installing closet doors back on tracks
  • Emergency maintenance diagnostics for HVAC, Water Heater, Plumbing
  • Routine walk through inspection for any visual damage or maintenance issues

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