Reduce Stress with a Vacation!

The best gift you can give to yourself and family is the gift of a “happier and less stressed” you! Reduce stress with a vacation at the beach! Orange Beach Alabama is just a short drive to serenity for many living in the South – it’s like our side of the ocean! Never underestimate the value of a long walk in the sand along the Gulf of Mexico. Walking in the sand with bare feet is great way to activate your parasympathetic nervous system (that’s the part of the body that helps you to relax and feel engaged in life). Seriously, who isn’t due for a little rest and relaxation?

Reduce stress with a vacation today!

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It’s no secret that one of the best ways to reduce stress is with a vacation. Nearly 94% of people report that coming back from a positive vacation had improved their energy levels.

Let’s review some good evidence on how to use your next beach vacation to improve your health. One way to reduce stress is to take a bike ride! There are over 14 bike rental shops in Orange Beach alone. Fat tires combined with amazing views make cycling a great time to reconnect with the outdoors!

It’s true that chronic stresses, from the family and the job, can increase our cortisol levels. Vacations help restore those levels to a more normal range by getting your brain out of that constant “fight or flight” response that we end up encountering on a day to day basis. Get in the right frame of mind by heading for a swim in one of our Phoenix pools or take a break and relax in one of the indoor or outdoor therapeutic hot tubs. Relaxing in a hot tub is actually good for your osteoporosis!

Fun fact – did you know that vacations are good for your heart? They are! Women who vacation regularly are 50% less likely to die from heart-related issues. For men it’s a 32% reduction in heart attacks! (2010 Framingham Heart Study). Gulf Shores is full of heart healthy choices with our extensive range of seafood restaurants, because fish is high in Omega 3s, that’s the good kind.

Another reason to indulge in an Orange Beach vacation with My Beach Getaways is for the short-term boost of strength to the immune system. “Stress decreases the body’s lymphocytes — the white blood cells that help fight off infection. The lower your lymphocyte level, the more at risk you are for viruses, including the common cold.”

Restore Balance in Your Life

A Gulf Shores Vacation from My Beach Getaways is the perfect way to restore balance in your life! At My Beach Getaways, we take away the stress with no hassle check-ins. Imagine the spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico over your morning coffee, plus most of our units have more than one bedroom. Keep the kids contained in their space so that you can enjoy yourself with a balcony view. Dinner by sunset on the balcony is easy with our stocked kitchens. It’s luxury on the beach with My Beach Getaways!

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Reduce stress with a vacation at the beach. Booking direct with Beach Getaways can save you at least $99 or more over using 3rd party sellers. See you soon and remember you deserve the best!

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