Gulf Coast Seafood Favorites

In the past we have highlighted our favorite seafood restaurants. But, what about classic seafood dishes of the Alabama Gulf Coast? If this is your first time in our area, here are local Gulf Coast seafood favorites that you won’t want to miss:


Royal Red Shrimp

The Alabama Gulf Coast is already known for amazing fresh shrimp. But this shrimp is truly unique and decadent. It is a very large, very red Gulf shrimp, with a thick meaty texture that many compare to the combination of shrimp and lobster. This delicious local favorite is mostly found about 60 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. So, if you find it on a menu in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores, take it as a great opportunity to sample a delicious delicacy.


Seafood Gumbo

No trip to the Gulf Coast is complete without a bowl or cup of fresh Gumbo. It is famously served up in New Orleans, but happily adopted and adapted to our local palate. The stew is usually made up of crab, shrimp, oysters, sausage, okra and served on rice. But, the variations and combinations are endless, so why not try it wherever you eat out? 


Smoked Mullet

You may have heard of the famous “Mullet Toss” at the Flora-Bama Lounge, but have you tried the fish itself? It is an oily fish, which makes it ideal for a long smoking process. If you find this tasty treat on the menu, be sure to give it a whirl!


Grilled Oysters 

Even newbie oyster eaters can get behind this dish! The oysters are kept in their shell and fully cooked on an open flame. They are often laden with butter, seasoning, cheese and/or cream, so they become a perfect spread for a cracker or piece of french bread.


MyBeachGetaways and Gulf Coast Seafood – So Perfect Together

There is nothing more delicious than some fresh seafood right out of our gorgeous Gulf waters. If you are ready to enjoy a fresh catch, book your stay with Beach Getaways today!

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