Best Vacation Rental Improvements for ROI

If you own a vacation rental on Alabama Gulf Coast, you are probably motivated to keep it occupied. Even in down seasons. We understand, we are condo owners too. And we also know that large-scale investments to your property may not yield the results owners were hoping for. 


So, here are five vacation rental improvements owners can make that have a great return on investment:


Add Additional Sleeping Space

If a bunk bed, or additional full bed will not overcrowd one of your guest rooms, this can definitely increase your bottom line. That is because a higher occupancy will allow you to rent out your property at a higher nightly rate. 


Include Additional Amenities or Luxury Items

Choose a few items that can make your property stand out – beach items that vacationers can borrow, an amazing coffee maker, or a high chair and other baby items. Depending on your targeted clientele, you can stock your property with items that vacationers are specifically looking for. 


Update the Decor

If it has been a few years since you updated the decor, it might be time for an upgrade. This does not have to be an expensive remodel! We are talking about fresh coats of paint, new pillows or comforters. And maybe a change in a picture or two on the walls. This is a service that Beach Getaways offers to our clients. We can help you redecorate and increase your rental income!

Decor is one of the best vacation rental improvements for ROI.


High Quality, Professional Photos

While all of the upgrades listed above help, you will need high quality photos to show them off. In many cases, this means hiring a company that will properly stage your property, ensure that there is enough lighting and take excellent, well placed photos. 


Find a Local Vacation Rental Agency like Beach Getaways

These simple vacation rental improvements for ROI are things that Beach Getaways includes in our rental program. As a local vacation rental agency, we are able to personalize property owners experience and maximize the income of their property. If you own a vacation rental in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores, contact us now for more information!

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